100 years FID 
1895 -1995

International Federation for Information and Documentation
Fédération Internationale d'Information et de Documentation

At the FID aniversary a special seminar to honour the work of Ingetraut Dahlberg was planned, but could unfortunately not take place. As I feel this landmark selection of contributions under the title:


needs to held some day as some of the input needs to find its place into our worlds of the internet, the libraries and schools.

Mrs. Dahlberg has written in ETHICS and SOCIAL SCIENCES her arguments towards a culture of comon terms for (at least) the social sciences, but as as this needs to be not to be forgotten ! I would like to highlight this here again and again.

Later under the titel common frames of reference, or switching systems part of the efforts were published but did not reach the place in academai and society as such issues need to be put onto the appropriate level, as we had to realise with the issue of meta-data where contributions have been refused as they were not properly "shelved" or with the PAKM, in Basel, where havy weigths and big names seem to be needed  to find opportunities like this "landmark" FID 100 in order to avoid what the Nobel laureat reiterate nearly every year: We have to invent everything again and again for each discipline. This was somehow also the central motto of the UN and G7 and and and "HARMONIZATION" initiative, whos early proposals: INFORMATION ABOUT ENVIRONMENTAL INFORMATION (See original EARTHWATCH proposal) and the following designs need to be relaunched as the offices were closed by financially starving UNEP.
Please see also: ACCESS AND ASSIMILATION and BRIDGES and a MASTERPLAN or more here or what we call nowadays knowmaps.


48th Conference and Congress

Graz, Austria, 20-25 October, 1996

Committee on Classification for Knowledge Organization (FID/CR)

Seminar on Knowledge Organization: Toward the 21st Century

Tuesday, October 22, 1996, 9:30 - 15:30


Concept and Context mapping: Towards Common Frames of Reference
Heiner Benking, Germany
to be seen in this context: visual embodied accessswitching, and mergng and morphng.
mental architectures and evolutionary cognition theory and epistemeology.

New Functions of Thesauri Linking Documentation Languages
With Knowledge Data and the Links with Terminology
Christian Galinski, Austria

Multilingual Thesauri:
The Relationship between Classification and Thesauri
Corentin Roulin, Belgium

UDC Developments: Towards the 21st Century
la C. McIlwaine, UK

Keyword Access to Existing UDC Notations
Gerhard Riesthuis, Netherlands

Knowledge Organization and the Internet
Nancy Williamson, Canada

The Ranganathan Award for Classification Research will be presented at the Seminar. A Business Meeting will be held October 22, 16:00 - 18:00 to discuss future plans for FID/CR and to introduce the new Chair of the Committee.