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Visualisation, Environment, ECO-CUBE and Surveyors

S P E C I A L  S E S S I O N
(on behalf of the key-noter Noel Brown)

Proposing a Conceptual  Superstructure

Work-Report of a Vision to explore issue-scapes like virtual landscapes
by making use of Surveyors' abilities and Views

Heiner Benking



Noel Brown 1994 requested from science (surveyors and remote sensing specialists in particular) to: (emphasis Heiner Benking) The proposed Conceptual Superstructure proposed here allows:


Proposing a Conceptual Superstructure - A Work-Report of a Vision

to explore issue-scapes as virtual landscapes by making use of surveyors' abilities and Views

    A conception is presented to organise and visually access data and bodies of knowledge in their specific context. Hyperlinks between two reference systems (a topographical landscape and a thematic and fictive (land)scape allow uniform retrieval in one conceptual scaffold. Interface design theory and discussions on mental models and cognitive viewpoints form the theoretical aspect of the paper. Practical considerations range from knowledge organisation to the design of a world-view, which is consistent, comprehensive, and allows detailing with variable foci and theme compositions.
     The objective is to counteract missing perception of time and magnitudes and address terminological bias by increasing awareness about scales, proportions and consequences through conceptualisation and imagination. Applications in education and resource management are especially suited to improve the conception and test its acceptance or usefulness.


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