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Visualisation, Environment, ECO-CUBE and Surveyors

(Now this could be interesting!)

So what should we be doing about environmental issues? How can I deal with local, national and global environmental problems? What is the role of the surveyor, if any? How do we develop the visions on which we base our actions?

To seek the elusive answers to these questions, a Special Session -"THE ENVIRONMENT-is being held. It will take place in the Latrobe Theatre tomorrow (Thursday) from 2.00 pm to 3.30 pm, and will be a valuable inclusion in your timetable.

Peter Byrne, of the FIG Task Force on The Surveyor and Agenda 21, will present the Task Force report at this session. There are strong correlations between the work of the surveyor and the demands of Agenda 21. A Code of Environmental Practice for surveyors is proposed.

But, according to Heiner Benking who is replacing Dr Noel Brown (Director of UN-Environment Programme in New York) for the session, we should consider adopting new ways of making sense and use of data to not drown in the increasing information, but to gain knowledge and direction from it.

Heiner's presentation will focus on the power of visualisation, organisation and structure of information; of ways of blending human creativity and intuitive analysis with computer systems - all connected by the surveyor's tricks of grids and spatial systems with variable scales and focii - in the ECC-CUBE, the Rubik's Cube of Ecology which forms a Conceptual Superstructure relevant also to education.

Heiner Benking is from the Research Institute of Applied Knowledge Processing at the University of Ulm. He is a surveyor, engineer and planner, and consults with various UN organisations. He was also involved in the Rio Earth Summit process.

This session promises some directions and some diagonal concepts. Check the posters in the Level 2 lobby.