Preface by Pentti Malaska
Negrology by Gilbert Ogutu (please footnote below *)

1. Keynote Adresses

Henry Odera Oruka (please footnote below *)
Opening Speech For The WFSF XIV World Conference

Pentti Malaska
Opening Words:
About The Theme Of The XIV World Conference

Bishop Desmond Tutu
Greetings: Congratulations To WFSF – Africa Beyond Poverty

2. Poverty and Human Dignity

Robin Attfield Eco-philosophy, Poverty, and the Future
Ramjee Singh Vision of World Poverty: The Gandhian Perspective
Atmara Das African Theistic Solution To The Developmental Crises Of The Developmental Crisis of the 21st Century
Purnima Mehta Bhatt An Examination Of Ghandian Economic And Political Thought And Its Relevance To the Empowerment of Women
Eleonora Masini Women’s Visions: Poverty And Beyond
Balkrishna Kurvey Approaches and Task of Peace Education

3. Poverty Discourses and Development Program

Michel van Hulten Futures Beyond Poverty
Ionna Kucuradi Goals and Traps In The Ways Out Of The Current Stgalement Of Poverty
Pentti Malska & Timo Voipio Futures Beyond Poverty – Assessing The Poverty Discourse
Kempe Ronald Hope, Srt. Development Policy And The Poor Toward An Alternative Policy Framework For The Future
Marjukka Antila & Karin Holstius On The Recipient Country’s Economy, Case Finland – Tansania.
Heiner Benking Paths To Global Stability: Tough But Feasible

Lots of CONTENT was not included in the proceedings, partially due to the death of Odera Oruka. We strongly recommend to not just include the ECO-PHYLOSOPHY section with Kai Kresse, the author, and other immensely valuable and still timely contributions of others which were not published. Robin Attfield might find ways to publish some time later the whole section on ECO-PHILOSOPHY. I can only make this available:

THE OPTICS OF ETHICS - Scales Horizons, Proportions, and Consequences in Perspective,
Heiner Benking (a), see for more for the overview and orientation here: WFSF GLOBAL STABILITY at AFRICA Beyond Poverty and the full "economics" session paper:


* beside the negrology this article about the SAGACIOUS REASONING of Odera. One of the authors was with me in the session of Robin Attfield is highly recommeded, as well as POLYLOG as most of the books of Odera Oruka are out of print.