Foreword: As requested by many.... I will try to present myself here in my shortest possible format, just on one page with a few pictures. You can request to boil it down to one sentence or message and then I would say based on Patrick Stalinski:  "it is all about love and respect" but such a statement is much too "shallow" for this purpose, it would not help the mattes and issues I WANT TO TACKLE WITH YOU !!. 
         Einstein is reported to have said: "Man soll die Dinge einfach machen, aber nicht einfacher" (You should make things simple, not simpler" - (there is no "simpler" or superlative to the term "simple"). I hope and feel I am on this way - it is like a future something you not can plan or achieve, it is a way and directions,  and visions connected with ideas and values we need to weave together, share and improve on a daily basis to guide our behaviours and life-styles -...  PLEASE - you can help, advise and comment to guide me and others on the way towards shared and greater tolerance and harmony... 
THANK  YOU   heiner

So here we go: 
My work is about the issues of the modern media and cyberculture and how this transforms our ways to perceive, think and share and communicate (12). My concern is that we do not get lost or caught, as can happen when you get into the magnetic attraction of one "portal" with no idea where the door (portal) might lead to... (2)  or feel without orientation (1) and surrounded by "doomsday metaphors", but to change the models and maps, change the distance and positions in relation to the matters and issues, (3)  and opting for a deeper reflective Schau or Gestalt in an "Age of Show".
     The resulting glut or magnetism of insular interests (one eye ego) have much to do with the impacts around the  "Global Brain" discussion - the danger of using just one metaphors/model (7-8) or having just one view, one approach, and how to combine, share and "move" between realities, if we transform or have a battle over perspectives (7), and that we need to share realities and virtualities by making them more concrete,  and in this way share not only where we are, but what the issues, agendas and matters are, maybe even come to shared integral agendas! (7-9)
     I have presented some of these issues, asking what Ptolemy might be doing today (4) and for the World of Learning, see LEARNDAY and what this would mean to new alternative and additional "search machines" (10). 

     On my pages you can not find one issue or one message as is typical for homepage, you have to expect in the links below jump-pages and consider the whole enterprise a "hub", or a collection of annotated links which might help to get started and provide a more comprehensive picture, open "doors" and "eyes". As a picture is more than 10 000 words, as the Chines say, I invite you to see some of my pictures and maybe go first to:  Show or Schau? or how all began in the field of mapping and modeling - first the real environment /world  and later worlds of knowledge and what we do not know - see KnowMap.

(1) - (12) a selection in addition to the links above to help you get a picture of "what Benking's message is about"