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Bildung und Wissenschaft sind zu wichtig
um sie allein den Lehrern, Politikern, Medien, ...
"Fachleuten" und Marktgesetzen zu überlassen.

Heiner Benking
Hintergrund, Fokus, Profil,
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Focus, Profile, 
Ideas, Activities, and Motivation 
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Heiner Benking ist/war Landmesser, Planer und Modellbauer... und arbeitet(e) in Bereich der Landesentwicklung, Umweltschutz, Technologie- und Managementberatung mit Schwerpunkt Investitionsgüter und die Automations-, Daten- und Kommunikationsindustrie.

Referenzen und Einschätzungen zu seiner Arbeit finden sich unter: Voices about Sharing Voices, - Spaces- Futures.
Er ist Kommunikator, Organisator und Brückenbauer, oder auch "Facilitator", Katalyst, besser Ferment.
Seine zentralen Themen oder Beiträge sind 1. neue Gesprächsformen, bei denen durch verschenken" von Redezeit Themen in Gruppen anders "erörtert" und so konkreter zur Umsetzung kommen können, bei zuhören und durch Stimme schenken, und 2. ein Vorschlag zur Definition von Situations- oder Referenzräumen, um sich besser und konkreter über Sachlagen, Themen, Dimensionen, Horizonte, Proportionen und Konsequenzen austauschen zu können.

Heiner Benking is/was a map-maker,  model-builder, and planner who worked in development, environment, technology, management consulting, and the automation-, data- and communication industry.

An idea about his relations and references can be found at: Voices about Sharing Voices, - Spaces, - Futures.

He is in-betweener, go-getter, facilitator, organizer and works on communication and creativity. His central idea is to ease communication and build shared realities, common frames of reference to better and more to the point discuss issues and aspects, bridge signs&symbolds, pictures, bodies, models and metaphors.
But as a prerequisit before we can go "to the point" or the heart of an argument or issue, he feels that we have to focus on dialogue culture. He works with "time credits" to allow a group to "develop" topics and empower individuals to "speak up", co-create, build teams, and come to joint implementations, by seeing topics like a topos and empower by giving voices that can matter...

"SAYING NO" - Ohne Zusammenhang 
kein Zusammenhalt
Freiheit im Bildungswesen / Sinne und Sinn
Neues und altes Lernen
Individuelle und kollektive Ethik
Dialog and Storytelling
World-of NGO Networking –Work-Netting
 GLOBAL CHANGE    (history system earth)
House of EYES House of Horizons and Perspective (Levels, Positions, Aspect, ...)
Metaphors - Analogies - Merging and Morphing
Symbol Grounding - Workspaces of the Mind
Changing and Sharing  Realities
Sensens, meaning & Cyberculture learning
Culture of  Peace   UNESCO  - A HUMANE Information Society ...?
World Order - Sharing an Extra Skin 
Cognitive Panorama ISSS Paper, Heiner is autor and co-editor 
" You can only safe the whole … "
              Margarete Mead

Is Humanity Destined to Self-Destruct?
invited comment: 
 Show or Schau  in: APLS

more coherent in my 
year 2000 synopsis!
with a recent review of sources and resources, seeing "benking" with 
others "eyes.

"We cannot departmentalize our thinking... 
We cannot think of economic principles and ethical principles 
Underneath all our thinking, there are certain fundamental principles 
to be applied to all our problems." 
                           Mary Parker Follett 

Niemand lernt jemals jemanden kennen. Wir sind alle zu lebenslänglicher Einzelhaft in unserer Haut verurteilt. 

Tennessee Williams
"Im geistigen sind wir alle
in Einzelhaft"
                               Arthur Schnitzler

a world in slow or "right" motion, see "Humane Information Society"

One of my central concern is how we see, understand and share our views and assumptions and how these pre-analytic visions make us construct our "realities". In 1995 and before I wondered which world is in trouble ses (dialoge exercise) and open-forum exercise.

or accelerated, speeding up like our actions and us of new ways and means.
see "robust paths"
and "capacity to govern".

In the works:
World of NGO's  recommendations to worknet and  network.

Zeiten-Welten-Wende Vortrag, Mitschift und Collage von powerpoint Vortragsfolien des Beitrags (Achtung grosse Bilder mit EXPLORER lesen) im Rahmen des Studium Generale an der Humboldt-Universität Berlin, Arbeitsgruppe Agrar-Kultur und Sozialökologie. 
ETHICS & ART OF GOVERNANCE - Regierungskunst - Entscheidungen anschaulich und Wirkungen deutlicher machen - Leiden reduzieren. Die Thematik, aufbauend auf Ethik und Verantwortung habe ich kürzlich so zusammengefasst: We looked recently into the issue of Ethics and how to link (share) personal and cognitive with inter-personal dimensions. See also the Ethics Summit and presentations from 1995 on the "optics of ethics" and how to present such issues in Situation Rooms or Situation Spaces. AND to round up the matters, how this leads to modern applications like "reference rooms" for the access of global library and museum content or how we use it with kids to see context and patterns of knowing and interests, to only give two possible examles of possible frames for ordering what we can know or can not know - and how it relates. Als guten Einstieg in solche übergreifenden Fragen empfehle ich die Arbeit von Ralph Siu und die vom Ihm gegründete ISP Internationals Society of Panetics.

Homepages / Hubs to go for: Recommendartions- as I am/was closely connected with or where you can find sample entries to my work:

New Civilisation Network, GLOBAL and Wholeness (USA) 
 The above links are arbitray and will be categorized and clustered in the forthcomming new homepage version.  We are wokings on new web-search templates, ways to find overview in knowledge and idea spaces, which can help us to reflects on categories and their interrelation and coherence.
An  idea how frames and results can be very differently presented, in different lists and hierachies, patterns, maps and models, how they can be transformed, merged and morphed in order to see various "gestalts", various representations, like maps, sections, or models all different but never matching in their fidelity the original, "house" or terrain.. (see G. Bateson) At this point we can only recommend the landscape and mindscape (worksspaces of mind) papers.

Below I  present ways to get extra views on hits with the search argument "Heiner Benking" with differnt search machines:
I would like to highlight the results of a tree or better "root" representation with  and our exercises with kids and groups to explore the idea of a "rough" and orientation classification in "Know maps" and "Interest maps".  I need to underline that in no way a list, matrix, tree, net, dynamic webs, ... represntation in istself is not the only and the only possible or in itself satifying or helpful/useful representation. We have worked on Interface Metaphors here: and to provide a picture of what kind of representations cvould be useful and how we could transform, merge, morph and bridge conceptual positions and topics, but also paradigms or "cognitive panorami".
The Millennium Project: please go to
       my co-operation with Farah Lenser go to the following sites:
Berlin Noetics, German IONS group in Berlin  to:
OPEN FORUM Dialoge and Mediation Exercises go to: 

or call/write: 
Heiner Benking   Voice /Fax  +49 30  793 2230   PoBox: 410926   D 12119 BERLIN 
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