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Viewpoint, Generation, Transportation and Composition
Heiner Benking

In order to intersect in a transdisciplinary and transcultural sense, within, between and beyond domains, we need other vehicles, other modes of motion and mental mobility and a framework for orientation. In this paper, we propose a reference and representation space for subjects and objects, real and imaginary, abstract and fictive. The Panorama utilizes spaces as bodies or knowledge or meta-knowledge, a space to mark even the things we leave blank and by using metaphorics or orientation and exploration and by becoming accustomed to realms we can grasp mentally as we are used to grasping objects physically : in short, a medium between concepts and context.

The notion of space is common across cultures as people experience space in early childhood. The Panorama combines SPACES into one composite 3xSpace/Time Panorama or ThinkSPACE, getting away from thinking within single concepts and boxes, but finding common structures and transferring knowledge and meta-knowledge. Such a movement enables an exchange of positions and perspectives, allows us to discuss new avenues into cross-disciplinary areas in subjects such as education, management, organization, philosophy.

see also 1996: