Heiner Benking, Independent Facilitator and Futurist, Berlin and  elsewhere. 

See also my KNOWMAP Profile as as this is a contribution on KNOWMAPS & KNOWMODELS and what the are good for.


this is after the GLD II "WELCOME TO EUROPE" my second appearance as a "Butterfly" (see picture above and OPEN SPACE Terminology) ON AIR with John Hibbs a stop-over concerted by the and with due credit to John McLaughlin and Arun Thripati who were incredibly helpful collegues and friends on the first concepts of sailing the seas and allowing me to be in the "CROWS" nest of the sailingboad on the lool-out for alternative futures, technologies, fucntions, features, benefits. Another credit should go to XENIA STANFORD from "KnowMap"  who was charting with me the unknown not only in her MAGAZINE some years ago, inviting me to have a nicely edited trilogy of articles about how my work evolved and what I am actually doing in more simple words. I have for this special event downloaded the Trilogy articles in her KNOWMAP Magazine, and cordially ask you to subscribe for more to her E-Zine on KNOWLEDGE ORAGNISATION AND ARCHIVING, MAPPING the UNKNOWN and overcomming the Dragons of our Fears and Imaginations.  <>My Contribution this year, November 21, 2004 is about: Dialog, Learning, Cognition, about thinking beyond boxes, mapping paradigms, and navigating not only "Seas" but deep cultural "waters". But before we explor multi-lingual, multi-cultural, transdisciplinary and omniplex worlds (from a distance) I feel we should say that we need to make words solid (T.S.Eliot) AND be very concrete and alife in our use of a combination of words and images. Later we might want to check how images and symbols through the index" of C.S. Peirce can be conencted and how his SIGN THEORY might lead to broader understanding and use of MEDIA and formost to a SYSTEMATIC NEOPRAGMATISM and a more solid ETHICS  (with Space and Time Horizon) see Hans Jonas, enjoy the EWOC Slides - maybe starting here - later.. (diving deeper later maybe here)

So this presentation is about WHAT, WHERE; WHY AND HOW. and was done jsut a few hours ago when we realized that "thanks" to the BROWSER WARS or incompatibilities, as some of you can not see ealier Powerpoint presentation which are ON-LINE:   <>A presentation about a GLOBAL COVENANT and Orienting Generalisations like: MAPS & MODELS & NEW PRAGMATICS & ETHICS; but more so  New and Old forms of Learning and Communication in general  and in the concrete...  For example done at the recent EWOC Video Conference in Toronto or elsewhere during the last 12 years or so. The Collection of Slides might be helpful if you want to dig deeper:

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Beside Learning and Policy Issues I word on Aternative Futures and Co-creative Dialogue & Re-inventing Democracy:

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OPEN – FORUM, The Millennium Project Cyber-Node, The TAGORE-EINSTEIN COUNCIL  (TEC), Positive Nettworks (PNW), …

But let me start where I feel we can make a difference: (afer we looked into DIALOG and LISTENING) and are ready for the next step: <>
y TOPIC – the GLOBAL COVENANT needed for Integral Learning.  Genuin Learning with an eye on good conversations, a better Dialogue and Decision Culture in our Global Society, which need to confront the „Problematique“ (see Oszbekhan, Christakis, Peccei, Club of Rome late 60ies), and keeping Creativity and the Given and Not-Given in Mind, while testing new ways of participation on various floor
But you do not read all of the above. Just come aboard our Cyber-Raft and sail with me some deep grounds and shallow sees, where we need to KNOWMAP the Terra Cognita of a better Quest for Knowledge (some call it serendipity plus ignorance).  This GLOBAL COVENANT session
<>is close to what we did „around“ the EARTH CHARTER Meeting in URBINO in the OPEN SPACE in 2003, and the  TAGORE EINSTEIN  COUNCIL meeting  last year, the  CYBERNETICS  sessions in Vienna and Berlin, and  the above mentioned EWOC Video Conference. Pls. Enter the GLD 8   Powerpoint Slide Presentation HERE: 

Greetings , Heiner
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