Please note,
this is only a personal "jump-page", not a web-page with only one concept, issue, or product fitting into a certain "category".
The page is designed for "one stop shopping" - direct accces to complex, integral matters, favouring flat hierarchies, and allowing to immerse into my "universe" more easily, it is designed to help us to jointly leap "out-of the box" of our fixations, ease "mental mobility across languages and cultures, support dialog and sharing, and give examples for  concrete, integral paradigm mapping along and across scales.
It is a collection of doors, ways, and means, which maybe show you or oulines for you "cabins" of a larger picture, maybe a panoptic, post-material overview. To be sure this is just one of many possible pictures, schemas or models, not  the one "correct" final architectonical design or engineering blueprint. It leads hopefully to conversations and sharing beyond the one "right" picture, model, or concept, and ivites you to play, merge and morph with the various possible designs or representations, and gives examples of how we can merge, mold, morph creating pictures beyond one final "Gestalt", which is beween exteric and esoteric patterns some people want to "sell" or push !!

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This is Heiner Benking's "jump-page", an annotated link site, and invitation to dig deeper, flying and diving in the wealth of what we can know, not just "surfacially" and superficially surfing the web. 

It  provides some references and opens "doors" to my interests and activities which unfortunately are only partially or only in one language available.

Overview entry-doors into my work are under preparation. Consider these entry points part of knowledge or interest schemas we are developing in the field of education and knowledge organization to overcome certain mental mono-cultures and the problems of overspecialization and overclaims.

Dies ist Heiner Benking's mit Notizen und Referenzen versehene Link-Liste, eine "JUMP_PAGE", also keine Website im üblichen Sinne...

Mein Ziel ist es auch mal "überzufliegen", als Generalist "Überblick" als Sichtweise neben andern Möglichkeiten "hoffähig" zu machen und Sie einzuladen aus dieser Warte Themen zu vertiefen, also nicht wie so oft im Web oberflächlich nur zu "surfen" und sich "treiben" zu lassen. Stattdessen räumlich, sinnlich, imaginär mal anders zu teilen und mitzuteilen... 

Verschiedene "Überblicks"-zugänge zu meinen Aktivitäten sind in Pilotprojekten mit Kindern und rund um "Wissensorganisation"  in Vorbereitung. Gerne auf Nachfrage mehr.

NEW !! about:  
    and/or     LONG- RUNNERS   or   ATTENTION- Keepers/Holders, the task of "climbing mount awareness" (François) and "becoming relevant (François)" for the service of greater "Wholes" and ask "other" question between the exact and fine arts of many cultures,  see COUNCIL OF EUROPE event 1998.

I have been asked repeatedly what is the content of my page, and it become boring to reply and repeat with central categories.... Futures, Education, Dialog, Peace, SystemsGovernance,   Compassion,  Health-HOLOS, Global-Change, ImperialismEcolology/Environmet, Wholeness, Creativity, Counciousness/Awareness, .... or that my personal sites attract about 5-800 sessions per day...
After checking recently with a publisher (Thomson - Klaus Saur)  his LONGSELLERS, like e.g. YEARBOOKS or the ENCYCLOPEDIA of  WORLD PROBLEMS and SOLUTIONS / SYSTEMS he asked me, as I never wrote a book, but only a few reports, essays, articles widely dispersed, what do your readers like most over the years and persistently, what are your:
LONG-RUNNERS and ATTENTION- HOLDERS over the last 8 or 10 years, as I do not get how Google finds you more often then expected....     Well this is an interesting question, as it not only looks for what is hot today !
I will study and eloborate on this more and concise, but definitely the "TOP 50" of mine (not properly ranked) include: Hans Jonas
Jean Gebser, Robert Jungk FOUCAULT Johan Galtung, Otto Schärli Sherryl Stalinski, Elisabeth Mann-Borgese,  Eva Quistorp, Farah Lenser, Willis HarmanStuart Silverstone, Barabara Vogl,  Sunil SenGupta, David MacBryde, Paul Uhlir, also NAS-NRC proposal, John O'Connor & Nadia Saad, both (BANK), Lynton Caldwell & his HUMANITY DESTINED, Ingetraut Dahlberg, Kim VeltmanChristian Galinski,  Ernst v. Weizsäcker,  Jerome Glenn,  Millennium Project,  Hazel Henderson,  Herbert Stachowiak, Charles Francois,  Ralp Siu - PANETICS, Noel Brown, Jehudi Menuhin, Rabindranath Tagore, Anthony JudgeCopthorne Macdonald, Tom MandelGLOBAL CHANGE exhibition, GLOBAL  LEARN DAY, GLOBAL COVENANT, WELTHAUS, Re-Inventing dialogue, Governance  Yehzkel Dror, Club of RomeNadia McLaren,  Mark Davidson, Bela H. BanathyGerhard ChroustFelix UngerRSA, CORRoland Müller Mueller ScienceAlfred Schinz,  Edgar Westrum, CODATA,  COUNCIL OF EUROPE,  Cognitive Panorama, metaparadigm, Franz Nahrada, John McConnell -   EARTHDAY, Club of Budapest, F.J Radermacher, Ervin Laszlo - WORLD FUTURES, Open-ForumKnowmap, Hagia Chora, Open-Space Onlinesee also: Coforum, Reginald Földy, Parker Rossmann, Robin AttfieldH. Odera Oruka, see also Kofi AnnanPenti Malaska,  Penka Agelova, Herbert ArltJames Welles-Wellesly,  Frederik Mayer, Kreibich, Wolf Titze, GeoJournal, Julia Morton-Marr, Helmut Burkhardt  - EXTRA SKINFOUCAULT, Jamie Rose - House of Eyes, Kurt Hanks, Uwe Morawetz, Peter Finke, Steinborn, Benny, Leila, Wolf-Dieter Grossmann, Elisabeth Spens,  Peter Dienel, Prinz Alfed, Franz Nahrada, Eric N. Schneider, Joy LohmannFlemming Funch, Positive News Youth Views,  ...    (All these persons ar just to close to my "walkings" and as Institions  or  Concepts close to my farings... - non was asked if i may include...  - I proposed to visualise the  thematic connections of the European Academy of Arts and Sciences - but the answer was negative as it seems to beyond their task......)
Well such a "collection will ring a bell or makes curious, with this people might want to connect more easily to broader issues or "big pictures" -  and have other pictures when associating with Persons, Journals, Institutions, events,... they have heard about.... so if you are mentioend above, and I did not contact you yet about your entry here, and you do not like it - please contact me a.s.a.p. !!

Such a display again is not and will never be "full picture" of any person, any display of fields/subjects, individuals, institutions, concepts,... is onyl one specific picture and not a "commons". The work on switching systems and langauges for the computer showed that the contexts has be made clear, not just the grammar and full-text reseach or sematic webs are just one aspect. Beside drawing relations in specific models and metaphors, like trees, nets,... we need to develop displays in Rizomes, Societies, Universes/cosms,  and negotiate these terrains , see Friedrich Rückert citation! . I will draw more than these wheel soon,  and hope you have the time to see and our upcomming seminar on Orienting generalizations  with the  International Play Fans...

MY UNIQUE contribution so far is well covered in the ENCYCLOPEDA of SYSTEMS, only  needingsome links to work on DIALOG, the work on interation sign- and cultural systems, merging and morphing and sharing and harmonizing
"realisties", - cultur navigation and ebodying concepts and contexts.  Maybe look at  9-d and in-betweener one day...
I will try to show patters of how these peopel are "connected" beyond a "hit-patten" of "vicitinity" semantic searches, but how we can immerse into, share, embody, communciate about sometthing beyond a certain item, entity, repository, name, image, concept,  turns& turfs, .... but jointly explore bottom up and "open" our shared "cognitive and concepual commons"    or   
"cognitve panorami"  as a meta-paradigms or conceptual superstructure, as aptly summarized in a recent work on NEW WORK  & Villages, ... and and here by an so far unknow scientist (Ulrike Schumacher  recently, as seen as one of the GRAND CHALLENGES in one of the National Academies Studies or around HIGHER EDUCATION.


This personal "homepage" is about integration, understanding and sharing - how we can and should present and represent, share orientations, create, merge and morph "realities". It  is not only about  international economic, ecologic and ecumenical issues but  how to integrate personal views with other positions and perspectives in "me, we - you - they - other" models, understand boundaries, checks and balances in other ways, and work with visualisation and embodyment of topics and issues. As this can only be done in a concrete form, specially in our post-modern vage times, I have tried to outline on a gradient what the fields I tough are about. I recommend beside the entry files above to check some segments in the pie charts below, to see where there might be some common interest or concen. My work goes from circular diagrams, to matrixes and scaffoldings (see shanig and sharing realities) and wonders about the whole, and were we can jointly act, change matters towards wanted positive futures.
A much needed Dialogue and Decision Culture, and ways to re-invent democracy with new and old forms of communiation and finding and remembering what we know and do not know is a good-enough first outlook on my concerns and acitivites. I recommend to visit the jump-page and the search facilities in the selection bar above.


When we want to talk and draw conclusions, when we need the context. But how to organize "information & knowledge"? Everybody defines his own "field" or "categories" or "subjects" ?? Maybe like I tried with my main "subject" or action areas: /dialog/ - /systems/ - /education/ - /Global-Change/ - /culture/../Future studies/.. ? Such personal "categories" are always incomplete, unsatisfying and naturally subjective, not allowing to bridge and connect, esspecially when we think about different languages and cultures. More coherence can be displayed with pie charts - or call them wheels or mandalas. A pie chart - using elements, like informing and educacting, transforming politics, social inventions, youth, media, arts, science,... sounds appealing and interesting - enough to "click" into any segment shown. It is recommended to use the segments as "entry doors" to my work, to see how the segment and categories might be related in respect to certain tasks, or profiles of organisations. "Please visit".

But Knowledge Organisation should go beyond. It should not only use such neighbourhoods and opposites but discover the whole field of relations and patterns that connect. Maybe just on an orientation levels with very coarse granularity (orienting generalisations) and bridging granularities, maybe call it fields or patterns that overlay and connect. Maybe we can find and share "metaxcy" - or the in-between in worlds of knowledge or "not knowing". More to this can be found in many of my works on the meta-paradigm, cognitive spaces, or new approachs to knowing, searching and finding !! - see work around KO & Terminolgy or KO and "switching systems" and "concretion in integral worlds"

This examples of matrixes and patterns LINK, LINK, or FOLIO on the left,...where school-kids did the indexing and wondered which key-fields apply might give a first idea. Try to imagine this not just in a schema, but in multiple connected 3D Space ! Pls. see "Cognitive Panorama".

(one page with a few pictures) As requested by some....I will try to present myself  here in a small "format" or see his “KnowMap Profile


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