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Heiner Benking

Hintergrund, Fokus, Profil,
Ideen, Aktivitäten & Motivationen
CV Langversion  VDW - Profil
Focus, Profile, Ideas, Activities, and Motivation
cv milestones   SEEDS OF CHANGE (Viewsletter) 1996
ISP Speakers Bureau, MAPPING and KO profile,
Heiner Benking ist/war Landmesser, Planer und Modellbauer... und arbeitet(e) in Bereich der Landesentwicklung, Umweltschutz, Technologie- und Managementberatung mit Schwerpunkt Investitionsgüter und die Automations-, Daten- und Kommunikationsindustrie.siehe auch KnowMap Profil.

Referenzen und Einschätzungen zu seiner Arbeit finden sich unter: Voices about Sharing Voices, - Spaces- Futures.
Er ist Kommunikator, Organisator und Brückenbauer, oder auch "Facilitator", Katalyst, besser Ferment.
Seine zentralen Themen oder Beiträge sind 1. neue Gesprächsformen, bei denen durch verschenken" von Redezeit Themen in Gruppen anders "erörtert" und so konkreter zur Umsetzung kommen können, bei zuhören und durch Stimme schenken, und 2. ein Vorschlag zur Definition von Situations- oder Referenzräumen, um sich besser und konkreter über Sachlagen, Themen, Dimensionen, Horizonte, Proportionen und Konsequenzen austauschen zu können.

Heiner Benking is/was a map-maker,  model-builder, and planner who worked in development, environment, technology, management consulting, and the automation-, data- and communication industry. see: KnowMap profile

An idea about his relations and references can be found at: Voices about Sharing Voices, - Spaces, - Futures.

He is in-betweener, go-getter, facilitator, organizer and works on communication and creativity. His central idea is to ease communication and build shared realities, common frames of reference to better and more to the point discuss issues and aspects, bridge signs&symbolds, pictures, bodies, models and metaphors.
But as a prerequisit before we can go "to the point" or the heart of an argument or issue, he feels that we have to focus on dialogue culture. He works with "time credits" to allow a group to "develop" topics and empower individuals to "speak up", co-create, build teams, and come to joint implementations, by seeing topics like a topos and empower by giving voices that can matter...

" You can only safe the whole … "
    Margaret Mead

Is Humanity Destined to Self-Destruct?
invited comment: 
Show or Schau  in: APLS's:   POLICY and THE LIFE SCIENCES
show-schau- postscript to bring in material and background
see a more comprehensiveAPLS  PERSPECIVES announcement:
Show-Schau follow up:  (psychollages AND cognitive panorama)

SHOW _SCHAU at EXPO 2000 and my annual report 2000
see also  review of sources and resources, seeing "benking" with others "lenses" or "eyes"  or from different positions at certain levels. 

"We cannot departmentalize our thinking... 
We cannot think of economic principles and ethical principles 
Underneath all our thinking, there are certain fundamental principles 
to be applied to all our problems." 
                           Mary Parker Follett 

Niemand lernt jemals jemanden kennen. Wir sind alle zu lebenslänglicher Einzelhaft in unserer Haut verurteilt. 

Tennessee Williams 
deshalb die "EXTRA SKIN" !!!

 "Im geistigen sind wir alle in Einzelhaft" 

Quelle unbekannt - wird z.Zt. recherchiert

* in preparation - In Vorbereitung

A world in slow or "the right" motion  - 

please see 
"Humane Information Society"
or what we wrote about "speed" and social disintegration  in 
or how to consider an "EXTRA SKIN" and new and old "SOCIAL COHESION making stories" as an alternative to a  "GLOBAL BRAIN".

One of my central concern is how we see, understand and share our views and assumptions and how these pre-analytic visions make us construct our "realities". 
In 1995  we wondered:
"which world is in trouble"
see also our dialoge exercises  or the open-forum

RIO+10 links  section: 

you can find here and update of global change and environmetal reseach activities, and update on various Summits and activities from 1988 - 2001
Please have a look at times we are now caring for GLOBAL COMMONS, the CLIMATE Summit 2001 and the Earth Summit 2002

or with accelerated speed, making us feel dizzy?

A "Brave New World" where we can not find orientation and easily can get lost in options (see governance) or "pictures".
see also:  Artificial Paradise - Virtual Reality - "Sinnwelten und Fluchtwelten" and 
VR in the PUBLIC SPACE "Öffentlichkeit"

PLEASE NOTE that I want to make aware categories and terms we use and work on prototype wheel and matrix search schemas, considering the web not a chaos, (see caught in the web - found in space) but a space for orientation, sharing positions na developping budles of perspectives.
For example the CONTEXT-CONNECT-WHEEL  and the KNOW  and INTEREST "grids".
Please note the existence of multiple maps or representations! as a way of going beyond the dualistic traps of being right or fixed in our boxes, unaware of the maps and paradigms we live with.
The moment we are aware of the root meatphor SPACE as "chance or potential" we can see it as a container and not as an empty void. Fortunately recent developments towards "SPACE"-WEB's and the resulting space-scape architectures for "invisible worlds" go in exactly this direction, and are very close to a  WORLD BANK review from 1992on trends in information technology. Fearturedwere at that time the WPC design and our 3Space/Time Panorama. Part I and II.  More later on this site about the past and the futures, "scapes", and creativity - at hand or in the air.....
Please come again, see "planetary renaissance" or contact me any time at heiner.benking@berlin.de   or   heiner@benking.de

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