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Below I  present ways to get extra views -extra perspectives even with the same search argument, like  "Benking". I would like to highlight the results of a tree or better "root" representation with  and our exercises with kids and groups to explore the idea of a "rough" and orientation classification in "Know maps" and "Interest maps".  I need to underline that in no way a list, matrix, tree, net, dynamic webs, ... represntation in istself is not the only and the only possible or in itself satifying or helpful/useful representation. We have worked on Interface Metaphors here: and to provide a picture of what kind of representations cvould be useful and how we could transform, merge, morph and bridge conceptual positions and topics, but also paradigms or "cognitive panorami".


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PLEASE NOTE that we want to make aware categories and terms we use and work on prototype wheel and matrix search schemas, considering the web not a caos, but a space for orientation, sharing positions na developping budles of perspectives.
For example the CONTEXT-CONNECT-WHEEL  and the KNOW  and INTEREST "grids".
Please note the existence of multiple maps or representations! as a way of going beyond the dualistic traps of being right or fixed in our boxes, unaware of the maps and paradigms we live with.
The moment we are aware of the root meatphor SPACE as "chance or potential" we can see it as a container and not as an empty void. Fortunately recent developments towards "SPACE"-WEB's and the resulting space-scape architectures for "invisible worlds" go in exactly this direction, and are very close to a  WORLD BANK review from 1992on trends in information technology. Fearturedwere at that time the WPC design and our 3Space/Time Panorama. Part I and II.  More later on this site about the past and the futures, "scapes", and creativity - at hand or in the air.....
Please come again, see "planetary renaisance" or contact me any time at file:///A|/TN-Daten/benking/updates/heiner.benking@berlin.de   or   file:///A|/TN-Daten/benking/updates/heiner@benking.de

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INDEX entry page "benking" PART A:   "Who is?" (+links) PART  B:   "links"  PART C: search-more