OPEN FORUM Background Paper Collection -- Paper 0





Roundtables - (Magic Round-Tables) – Agora Runder Tisch – Rundgespräche



*                Translation in progress….

Possible Participants/parties involved: Mögliche Beteiligte:  Stakeholders, Risk-takers, Gatekeepers, Drivers, Observers, Others,... „Aliens“ - Owner, Occupant/Besetzer, Sharer/Beteiligte, Leaser/Mieter, Others,..

Intentions / Assumptions: Absichten: Erwartungen, Aufträge (Ziele), Annahmen der Beteiligten

Situations/ Environment: Situation: Räumlichkeit, Lage (Umgebung), Ambiente, Flexibilität, Service (Infrastruktur), Gastlichkeit

Duration / Length: Zeitdauer: in Stunden/Tage/Wochen ? und Rhythmus ... Hauptprogramm oder Side/Special Event !?

Please note – I am presently updating and translating my background-papers – please come back later.


This list was developed first, in a more embryonic form for the 2004 Fuschl Conversations Agora group: and Team 1: New Agoras for the 21st Century: Building a knowledge-based society. IFSR-(PDF) Please see for the Laws and Axioms in the work of Alexander Christakis.


OPEN FORUM Background Paper Collection