OPEN FORUM Background Paper Collection -- Paper 5

I recommend:

·         Anthony Judge: Selected websites on Dialog:

·         Anthony Judge, UIA, Time sharing systems in meetings:

·         Vanderbilt University VUMC: Mary Ann Zarrett, Leadership Development  Guide to Dialogue

·         Giesecke: in MYTHEN der BUCHKULTURKreative Medien im Dialog ! Highly recommended: Methoden

·         Heiner Benking selected links: and Open-Forum Site:

·         Farah Lenser, collection of Outcomes of Open Forum and Open Space events, participants voicesPublications.

·         David Bohm Ljubljana Dialogues:

·         IFSR- ISSS --   ISI dialogues:

·         ISI Patterns Newsletter:

·         Dialog zone and Story-Space (David Bohm and other references):

·         ISSS, IFSR und Asilomar: Embodying Situations & Issues, Sharing Contexts, and Encouraging Dialogue,

·         Sherryl Stalinki, Dialog Game, Leadership Development, etc. for example: ME|WE: An Exploration in Guiding Conscious Evolution toward Individual, Organizational and Global Integrity. Accepted Doctoral Candidacy Essay, Saybrook Graduate School & Research Center. Sept. 2004.

·         Urs E. Gattiker, The Internet as a diverse community: cultural, organizational, and political ... (2001)
the table can be found at:

·         Heiner Benking, Potential Opportunities and Risks Cyberspace Culture as adopted from University of T¼bingen 1994, Artificial paradises - Virtuelle Realit¤ten: Cyberspace as Toy or Orientation Support ?

·         World Unity Days 2006: Dialogues and Conversations Overview paper:

·         Roundtable Voices 1999-2008: - updated WIKI:

·         Maybe these collections of GRAND CHALLENGES or EXTRA CHALLENGE can help to outline the issue or €œproblematique€ - Again, please visit

·         and these hard-cover publications !!! with more established publishers...

·         and this 90’’  Clip on TALK: COMMUNICATION and Format Labs for Entrepreneurship (offene Gespr¤chsgruppen)


This page on Dialogue is also a GRAVEL PIT and BUILDING SITE for me. I have collected what I think about myths and dogma around dialogue and deliberations here and recommend the axioms of the SDP dialog design process and feel we should invest efforts into contextualizing situations and situations and expand level and depth of communication and exchange, exploring checks and balances and how to live in frames of "no need to agree" (convivial in any setting) and co-create there new solutions and settlements.

OPEN FORUM Background Paper Collection