OPEN FORUM  Background Paper Collection

Dialog and Decision Culture

This is a collection of reference materials about dialogue formats and their use in the field of dialogue and decision cultures. We are still working on them, Please come back.

Paper 0




Paper 1

Requisite Requirements – Notwendige Unerläßliche Faktoren for  DIALOG AND DECISION CULTURES

German version

Roundtables - (Magic Round-Tables) - Agora Runder Tisch - Rundgespraeche  NEW  /  UP-DATED



Paper 2

When Attention Matters and People are more than just Talkers - Some Concerns about Attention Time; Listening and Agendas



Paper 3

Some Concerns about Attention Time; Listening and Agenda Setting



Paper 4

Reflections about Dialogue  NEW  /  UP-DATED



Paper 5        

Some reference list and ways to get some overview on the matter. My recommendations.  NEW  /  UP-DATED

update and development of the modern “systemic, dialogic, wholistic, holistic and dialogic and deliberative approaches”:

NEW:  AGORA & WHOLE SYSTEMS – Dialog and Conversations references-  see 21st Century Agora.

I have added here also some texts on “new frontiers” & myths & dogma & widely considered limiations around dialogue.

OPEN FORUM Background Paper Collection