Orienting Generalisations - or immersing and playing in extra realms

Heiner Benking

Positive Nett-works and PNYV, Berlin, Germany




Based on a seminar with the European Forum for Freedom in Education (effe) in 1999 and a Children Workshop in 1993 in Finland the author will present his experience with school kids and scouts to orient in geographical and mental maps and models.

The title for the "effe" workshop was: "From the Senses to Meaning, Reason, and Sensibility - From Culture to Cyberculture?" as with keeping Kückelhaus and the Exploratorium (SF) and H. GARDNER in mind, it makes sense to add the input or representations of senses in real and "ideal/virtual" worlds or models in order to learn about broader or extra "worlds".

The Model (one slice in an extensional or spacial model is a map) was developed in 1989 when preparing for an exhibition on Global Change and ever since tested with young and old. The whole design is a Space you can jointly enter, when you built it physically - otherwise virtually, and share positions, perspectives, levels,...

As it combines the physical (geographic) space and a context and cultural/multi-lingual space it forms a 3Space/Time Cognitive Panorama.

The workshop will introduce the design and report on workshops and seminars where this immersive construction was presented to kids from 10-16 years. (They called it later HOUSE OF EYES, or WORLD HOUSE, they wrote later that they did not like the conventional "FLAT" WORLDVIEW of school any more, but like the think (play) in this new territories. (See TURKU 1993)


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see:  Die Konferenz spielt / Spielprojekterevue  -  “The conference at play” / Revue of Play Projects 

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