IFC –  Center for Our Common Future

Rio de Janeiro June 1st - 2nd,  1992

on the eve of the Earth Summit June 3rd-14th, 1992



Start:   June 1st and 2nd, 2002,  Goal:

June 30.               Harbor Festival, UFA in Berlin

Aug.  26. – Sept. 4.    Rio+10 / Jo'Burg, UFA in Berlin

and therafter on tour in Europe and elsewhere...


We are building a symbol for a positive future:    "AGENDA 21"  What is that?



On the 10th anniversary of the „INTER-SECTORAL DIALOGUES"  which took place on the eve of the United Nations Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro in 1992, POSITIVE-NETT-WORKS starts its campaign "A Symbol for Agenda 21" on the Future-Raft Tour 21:

The objective is to work with youth, senior citizens, artists and scientists to involve them in actions, exhibitions and performances to create visual and tactile symbols of what Agenda 21 is all about: Earth, Envronment, Humanity...


We have identified positive ideas and examples and will exhibit then during the tour and then in Berlin. We will use these symbols and models in workshops to learn, explore and improve our identifications and perspectives of the Agenda 21 issues at hand.





June   1.  -  2.            Start of the campaign

            5.                    "Tag der Umwelt",  Presentation in Magdeburg

            8.  -  9.            Rogätz, Elbe.

            21.                  Potsdam, Round Table "Alternative Futures"

            29. - 30.          Berlin, UFA Harbor Festival 


August 26. -               Berlin, UFA, Rio + 10 Berlin-Brandenburg

September 4.                       

thereafter on tour in Europe und elsewhere…



Model of the "integral agenda" and Buckminster Fuller's tensegrity model, with one construction plan


Part of the exercise is the presentation of the concept of the „Inter-Sectoral Dialogues“. We want to present intitiatives which demonstrate new ways of seeing things as a whole -- without losing sight of the parts for which each sector is responsible.

We will do this on the tour with youth and artists and scientists as a co-creative education and construction effort.

The results will be the visual and tactile artifacts representing the "intigral agenda" so as to help us to discuss the issues, proportions and consequences of the challenges at hand, and how such models relate to other schemas and ways to display the issues in various frames of reference.


For more information:   

0511 - 988 7603       030 -  793 2230


V.i.S.d.P Heiner Benking1992


(inter-sectoral Dialogue - UNCED Center for Our Common Furure May 1992
Transformative Approaches Project   and Global Strategie Project 

And see in gerneal and in particular the works of  T. JUDGE, UIA or a place where we tried to draft a summary and appreciation.