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Religion-Ethics-Ecology is a broad subject area. I feel tempted to add Creativity - Justice - Aesthetics - ...

But this will not improve the credibility of this page, given that all the other field obove in the columne already contribute to some aspects covered here.

Work in many areas but with pragmatic, concrete, and ethical guidance are rare.

I hope the examples of writers and doers like Jonas, Gebser, Dror, Siu, Stachowiak, but also Follet and Mead give an Idea onto where I am poinitng.

Here examples where I feel that many fields, scales, subjects, .. are involved and where work is widely not known:

AS RELIGION is not my typical - conventional work-area please see how I connect and try to transcend: ethics, governance, creativity, guidance, belief systems:

HANS JONAS:  Ethics with Space and Time Horizon see:

ECOTHEE and Global Covenant

Dror, Siu and Governance ****** !!

Lorenz .. Mead ... Follett ...

The problem is that we more and more today stick to labels and categories or fields - verbiage - just to be safe that there are at least some fellows who understand our definitions, modes and moulds (in our disciplined subject area.

At the beginning of General Systems Research it became very clear: people tend to ignore anything beyond their scope or "box".  Visitors form Outside, confronted with Ethics, General, Global, Wholistic,... could only say "his is not my field - and leave and original founding meetings. See more in our Wholeness Seminar.

See also these seminars and workshops we do: "Out of the box thinking" and "Paradigm Mapping".