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Dr. Alfred Schinz

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UPDATE: January 2018: In view  of an outstanding film by Ian Bremner: I will contact the film maker as he adressed many issues Alfred was working on decades ago - AND with outcomes to yet need to be included in this very interesting and insightful documentation.

Pekings verbotene Stadt - La Cité interdite révélée

Schinz covered not only Beijing but many historic towns in China and bridged the details with the historic town and regional planning at the micro and meso-scales in many countries.

A theme I see much lacking in modern architectual and planning study, inquiry and implementation.

Alfred Schinz: Some „other“ work examples:

Berlin - Stadtschicksal und Staedtbau

The Emporer as Keeper of Time: Der Kaiser als Zeitnehmer.

Handout – poster scrol Alfred asked to be delivered to the Lordmayor of Munich on the occasion of the celebrations at Robert Jungk‘s 80th birthday in the Old Cityhall.

of Munich on the occasion of Robert Jungk's 80th

Below I cover some publications by Alfred Schinz, not only CITIES  IN  CHINA ( where we included computergenerated 3D prism-maps in the mid 80ies ! ) Take note that that Schinz worked as Architect, and most of his professional life and architect and very early as planner. So on regional and national scales, what I call meso scale. He worked on nearly all continents and was deep into culture and infrastructure, design and history. We now have a German WIKIPEDIA page about him, so I can do without the public face and achievements. What I present here a publications Alfred did „besides“, his hobbies, concerns, activities which can show the width of his activities around history, culture, society.

The Magic Square: Cities in Ancient China, Berlin. Stadtschicksal und Städtebau (German city-history Berlin), or for the ORDO ET MENSURA initiative, as ORDER and MEASURE, sometimes also to be connected to FRAMES (of Mind), Proportions, Consequences, are very important aspects whih are often overlooked as we think and work in "boxes" and use "labels" instead of interacting along and across scales and bringing together cultural expressions. Definitely a gargantuan task not only for architecture, planning and policy making, but education and all cultural activities.

Work and Publications of Alfred Schinz. Here only a very rudimentary first example of his "passions" not of the meters of reports and piles of masterplans he did over the years.

Cities in China, Bornträger, Stuttgart  or ORDO ET MENSURA: