This is a collection of publications and links leading to the work of Alfred Schinz in the field of architecture, planning, arts, cultures,...

but also some notes in memory of very special person, an always considerate, passionate and compassionate homo sapiens sapien.

Dr. Alfred Schinz, Berlin 1919 - 1999

Bilder, Texte, Literatur zu den Themen Architektur, Künste, Stadt- und Landesplanung in aller Welt:

nicht nur Wolfsburg, Süd-Amerika, Rurkela (Indien), Taiwan, Saudi-Arabien, folgten.

Themen waren aber gerade die Tiefe der Kulturen, Traditionen, Ordnungen,....

Below I cover important books of Alfred Schinz, not only CITIES IN CHINA (where we used computergenerated 3D Prism-maps in the mid 80ies), or the The Magic Square: Cities in Ancient China, Berlin. Stadtschicksal und Städtebau (German city-history Berlin), or for the ORDO ET MENSURA initiative, as ORDER and MEASURE, sometimes also to be connected to FRAMES (of Mind), Proportions, Consequences, are very important aspects whih are often overlooked as we think and work in "boxes" and use "labels" instead of interacting along and across scales and bringing together cultural expressions. Definitely a gargantuan task not only for architecture, planning and policy making, but education and all cultural activities.

Before a note by this author: Me, Heiner Benking, I always felt very close to Alfred since he was hired as an "expert" in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in 1977 and later, until he passed away as a deep, "fatherly advisor and friend" 22 years later, in 1999. Alfred followed my professional development - every step - and was an important and critical advisor and frienc. He like my work on design and visualisation and was interested in all steps the Computer Graphics Industry was taking since the early 80ies.... He helped me by ready some papers of mine and adding for example the issue of the SOCIAL TASK and RESPONSIBILITY and the name Adolf LOOS in this article on MIND ARCHITECTURE and DESIGN CHALLENGES: (Hochschule für Gestaltung Ulm, 1998: MAN- MASS- MEDIA - Interaction and Manipulation - New Horizons and Orientation Thanks to a New Mental Architecture or how I got involved into the systems communities. See Encyclopedia

One very interesting response I got from Alfred has kept me puzzeled over the years. Alfred had followed my work on the Cognitive Panorama and Rubik's Cube of Ecology from 1989-1992, always supported my approach and its validity, even when looking strange to some. When I learned through Anthony Judge in 1992 or 1993 that the "grid" or framework / schema I had been building was reminiscent of the Ekistic Grid of Doxiadis, (see as a starter) I was very happy to find somerthing showing familiarity with my approach, this even more when I found when asking Alfred Schinz about Doxiadis, that he had piles of books from his friend and collegue at the Technical University in Berlin and later from Athens, that Doxiades even also mentioned as an "aside" that the grid could have a third time dimension: change or time. Exactly my "Cube" - I had just been building it. Alfred advised me to not mention Doxiadis as then people would always think about another re-invention. BUT I did not care and did not follow his good advise, as I feel the PANORAMA goes much further and into quite other uses and levels of detail. I was always happy to find in the work of Doxiadis a "kindred spirit" as we have to build a stable ground for shared pathes towards shared futures. The term “ecumenopolis” is also used by his researcher Alexander Christakis and as we looked into: “Oikos-Ecumene-Economy-Ecudomy” I feel you might enjoy “digging” deeper here:

Maybe check back as I later discoveres Dinos fate with ALS. pathes cross again and again - more later

One last note: Ekistic is the science of Settlements and Planning, and there people like Ozbekhan, Christakis, should be further studied. Christakis was hired by Doxiadis to explore the use of the Ekistik Grid further, and Hasan Ozbekhan wrote a theory of Planning which was the basic and first input into what later became the Club of Rome. Small world, isn't it?

Work and Publications of Alfred Schinz. Here only a very rudimentary first example of his "passions" not of the meters of reports and piles of masterplans he did over the years.

Cities in China, Bornträger, Stuttgart or ORDO ET MENSURA :


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THE FULL TEXT AND MORE can be found in ther Book MAGIC SQUARE.


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