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Harmonization of environmental measurement

H Keune, AB Murray… - GeoJournal, 1991 - Springer
A wealth of data on the state of the environment is being created in innumerable 
programmes world-wide. Optimal use of this data requires that information on its existence is 
available, that it can be readily accessed and—most important—that the data be compiled ...
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[ZITATION] Design considerations for spatial metaphors; reflections on the evolution of viewpoint transportation systems

H Benking… - Paper for the Workshop on Spatial Metaphors of the …, 1994
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Möglichkeiten und Grenzen der Datenpräsentation durch Computergrafik im Umweltbereich

H Benking - Informatikanwendungen im Umweltbereich, 2. …, 1987 -
Author, Heiner Benking, Publisher, Springer-Verlag London, UK. Bibliometrics, ... Collaborative
Colleagues: Heiner Benking: colleagues. The ACM Portal is published by the Association
for Computing Machinery.
Copyright © 2010 ACM, Inc. Terms ... 
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[ZITATION] Design considerations for spatial metaphors

H Benking… - The European conference on hypermedia technology, …, 1994
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Harmonization of environmental meta-information with a thesaurus-based multi-lingual and multi-medial information system

H Benking… - AIP Conference Proceedings, 1993 -
The availability and quality of standarized meta-information is the key for accessing the huge 
masses of raw data stored in files and databases world-wide. The HEMIS project is carried out 
by UNEP/HEM, Munich, Germany, for the harmonization of environmental information. ... 
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[ZITATION] Künstliche Paradiese, virtuelle Realitäten: Künstliche Räume in Literatur-, Sozial-und Naturwissenschaften

H Krapp… - 1997 - Fink
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[ZITATION] Fluchtwelten oder Sinnwelten-Cyberspace als Spielzeug und Orientierungshilfe?

H Benking - … Paradiese, virtuelle Realitäten: künstliche Räume in …, 1997 - Fink

[ZITATION] am Beispiel von TOPOGRAMM

UB Kampffmeyer… - … : 4. Symposium Karlsruhe, 6.-8. November …, 1989 - Not Avail
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Die Gewinnung, Auswertung und Archivierung verläßlicher Umweltinformationen am Beispiel von TOPOGRAMM

UB Kampffmeyer… - Informatik im Umweltschutz, 4. …, 1989 -
Collaborative Colleagues: Ullrich B. Kampffmeyer: colleagues. Heiner Benking:
colleagues. The ACM Portal is published by the Association for Computing Machinery.
Copyright © 2010 ACM, Inc. Terms of Usage Privacy Policy ...

[ZITATION] Airborne Close-Range Sensing Yields Analysis of Local Ecological Changes

H BENKING - … systems: ECOINFORMA 1: reviewed proceedings of …, 1991 - Routledge
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[ZITATION] Ulrich Kamp meyer. Harmonization of environmental metainformation with a thesaurus-based multi-lingual and multi-medial information system

H Benking - AIP Conference Proceedings
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[BOOK] Realität und Virtualität der Berge

H Arlt - 2002 -
... 105 Jorge & Alfredo Bauer (Buenos Aires) Menschen beim »Zug in den Wolken« 121 Heiner
Benking (Berlin) Raum und Virtualität: Potential oder Leere? Die Bergwelt als Beispiel und
Ursprung für den Zugang und die Auseinandersetzung mit »neuen« Welten 133 ... 
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[PDF] Design UND Zeit: Kultur IM Spannungsfeld VON Entropie, Transmission, UND Gestaltung

[PDF] von noologie.deESF kultureller Transmission… - 1999 -
... Lotsenhilfe beim Betreten der dynamischen, wasserbasierten Denkwelt Venedigs, in der man
auch ohne festen Boden unter den Füßen das Tanzen lernen kann. Heiner Benking für die Hilfe
bei der Aufdeckung mancherlei unsichtbarer Spuren im A-Peiron. ... 
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Toward a New Covenant: Embracing a Dialogue and Decision Culture to Address the Challenges of the Agoras of the 21st Century

H Benking, F Lenser… - World Futures: The Journal of … -
Twenty-first century agoras, unlike their historical counterparts, are not comprised of villages 
populated by individuals who know each other and share the same past, environment, and 
culture. Contemporary agoras are diverse and global. Their dialogue is often conducted ... 
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Airborne close-range sensing yields analysis of local ecological changes. Outline of a data-acquisition and-processing system for applications in geosciences, …

H Benking - Toxicological and Environmental Chemistry, 1990 -
The objective is to introduce the TOPOGRAMM system and relate it to conventional survey 
and geo-information processing methods. The first section describes a combination of 
methods. It covers reconnaissance and conventional metric cameras, special film ...
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[PDF] Missing Context and Orientations in Modern Times

[PDF] von benking.deH Benking -
International Conference on Ecological Theology and Environmental Ethics - ECOTHEE Orthodox 
Academy of Crete, 2-6 June, 2008 © OAC-ECOTHEE ... Missing Context and Orientations in 
Modern Times: ... Outlining the Problematique of the Human Predicament and sharing ... 
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Access and Assimilation: Pivotal environmental information challenges

B Heiner… - GeoJournal, 1992 - Springer
Abstract The world-wide environmental exchange of information is hampered by difficulties 
bridging terminologies and languages so that trans-cultural, cross-sectoral, and multi-
dimensional information can be made available in a usable form at low cost. The ...
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[HTML] Design Considerations for Spatial Metaphors: reflections on the evolution of viewpoint transportation systems

[HTML] von laetusinpraesens.orgA Judge… - 1994 -
This note assumes that the future evolution of the use of spatial metaphors in interface design 
will not be focused on any single metaphor. For a variety of reasons there is a need for environments 
permitting user-choice, or AI-selection, of metaphors through which information is ... 
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Panel natural, cultural & cybercultural interfaces: points of view

S Levialdi, H Benking, D Bulterman… - Proceedings of the …, 1998 -
... Points of View Moderator Stefano Levialdi Univ. of Roma "La Sapienza" levialdi@dsi.uniromal,
it Panelists Heiner Benking Univ. of Erlangen, Germany benking@ Dick
Bulterman CWI, The Netherland Dick.Bulterman@cwLnl .Laura Moltedo ... 
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Geo-/Object-Coding for Local-Change Assessment

H Benking… - GeoJournal, 1990 - Springer
Missing availability of reliable and specific landscape data may pose substantial restrictions 
to successful exploitation of remote sensing data and fast implementation of GIS (Geo-
Information Systems).
The possibilities to document conditions with high spacialdisticntion ...
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Show or Schau?

H Benking - Politics and the Life Sciences, 1999 - JSTOR
Caldwell (1999) allows us a look behind the fa- cades or under the surface of the dangers threatening 
humankind. I subscribe to his analysis and synthesis of the threads and dilemmas, including 
his four lines of action. Given this unique chance to comment on such a funda- mental ... 
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[ZITATION] Ludwig von Bertalanffy 100th Anniversary Conference: University of Vienna, November 1-4, 2001, Vienna, Austria

L von Bertalanffy - 2001 - University of Vienna

Protecting Humanity's Future: Threat, Response, and Debate

G Bryner - Politics and the Life Sciences, 1999 - JSTOR
... 14.
Show or Schau? Heiner Benking Berlin, Germany Lynton Caldwell ... pastry) Heiner
Benking is a facilitator who has worked as a technician and engineer since the early
1970s in construction and infrastructure projects. He ... 
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[PDF] Twelfth Fuschl Conversation

[PDF] von psu.eduG Chroust, C Hofer, C Hoyer… - Citeseer
... Heiner Benking D Soeren Brier DK Gerhard Chroust AT Arne Collen US Anthoanet Doncheva
BLG Gordon Dyer UK Angela Espinosa COL Charles Francois ARG Christian Fuchs AT Petros
Gelepthis GR Ernesto Grun ARG Günther Hamza, AT David Hawk, USA Christian Hofer ... 
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[ZITATION] Symposium on Is Humanity Destined to Self-Destruct?

M Giampietro, DN Michael… - Politics and the …, 1999 - Beech Tree Publishing
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H TO… - Ecological Awareness: Exploring Religion …, 2010 -
FUTURES This chapter reflects on the challenges and problems we face in times of ... 
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[PDF] Team 1: Building a New Agora

[PDF] von ocg.atA Espinoza - Fuschl Conversation 2004 -
... The Conversation ended, as usual on Friday noon, Team 1: Building a New Agora Team
Coordinator: Angela Espinoza (COL/UK) Heiner Benking (D) Gerhard Chroust (AT) Günter Hamza
(AT) The team started off rather ambitiously by trying to define what we meant by an ... 
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[PS] Cross-language information retrieval bibliography

[PS] von psu.eduDW Oard - 1997 - Citeseer
... Phrasal translation and query expansion techniques for cross- language information retrieval.

In Proceedings of the 20th International ACM SIGIR Conference on Research and Development
in Information Retrieval, July 1997.
6] Heiner Benking and Ulrich Kamp meyer. ... 
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[BOOK] Ecological Awareness: Exploring Religion, Ethics and Aesthetics

S Bergmann… - 2010 -
... 173 Limits and Potentials of Human Concepts, Maps and Models with Regard to Nature Heiner
ECO-JUSTICE AS THEODRAMA 193 A Dialogue between Hans Urs von Balthasar and ...

[PDF] Responses in Full by Contributors: Part One

[PDF] von un.orgS Fulai, GRC Rahi, C Dai Ming, JG Ray… -
Page 1. Responses in Full by Contributors: Part One ... 
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International environmental monitoring, information management, and documentation

H Keune - GeoJournal, 1990 - Springer
... The Meeting was prepared by a consultant, Heiner Benking, who explained preliminary
lines of thought regarding the system design and introduced the invited presentations
of consultants, research institutes, and industry representatives. ...

Response: Perspectives on the Self-Destructive Tendencies of Humanity: A Symposium Response

LK Caldwell - Politics and the Life Sciences, 1999 - JSTOR
... unecological tendencies. Real Worlds and Virtual Worlds Heiner Benking's response
to my article focuses on its philo- sophical implications, whereas my approach to human
des- tiny is essentially behavioral and empirical. I read ... 
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History of Participant Interaction Messaging (1979-1995)

A Judge - 2007 -
... Messages: 142; Participants: 400; Languages: English or French; Input: using word-processing
software. International Peace University: Open Forum (Berlin, 3-30 September 1995): Coordinated
by Heiner Benking and Farah Lenser; Title: Da Zi Bao: Views-letter; ... 
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[HTML] Spherical configuration of interlocking roundtables: Internet enhancement of global self-organization through patterns of dialogue

[HTML] von laetusinpraesens.orgA Judge - 1998 -
... The dynamics of such tables can be governed by time-sharing rules as described in Time-sharing
in meetings: centralized planning vs free-market economy? (1994) and implemented on several
occasions by Farah Lenser and Heiner Benking.
Requisite global constraint. ... 
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[PDF] Frontiers in Conceptual Navigation for Cultural Heritage

[PDF] von psu.eduKH Veltman - Information Visualization - Citeseer
... versus presentation.
I am grateful to Dr. Anthony Judge (UIA) and Heiner Benking
(Ulm) for challenging me to think more thoroughly about problems in moving from
two-dimensional to three-dimensional navigation.
Mr. Benking ... 
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[PDF] Frontiers in conceptual navigation

[PDF] von unimaas.nlKH Veltman - International Journal on Knowledge Organization …, 1997 -
Page 1.
1 Kim H. Veltman Frontiers in Conceptual Navigation Partially published
in: Knowledge Organization, Würzburg, vol. 24, 1998, n. 4, pp. 225- 245. Republished
in the Author's Book: Frontiers in Conceptual Navigation ... 
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[HTML] Towards a History of World Futures Studies

[HTML] von laetusinpraesens.orgA Judge - 2010 -
... Of special interest are those unusual individuals who operate in the interstices between initiatives
and those engaged in them -- thereby ensuring a degree of cross-connectivity. Examples in relation
to international futures initiatives might include: Heiner Benking. ... 
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[PDF] von psu.eduT Erjavec… - Citeseer
Vladimir Bajic, South Africa Heiner Benking, Germany Se Woo Cheon, Korea Howie Firth, UK
Vladimir Fomichov, Russia Vesna Hljuz Dobric, Croatia Alfred Inselberg, Izrael Jay ... 
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[HTML] Mathematical Challenge for Systems Science

[HTML] von laetusinpraesens.orgA Judge - 1994 -
... Stafford Beer.
Beyond Dispute: the invention of team syntegrity. New York, Wiley, 1994.
Heiner Benking and Anthony Judge. Design considerations for spatial metaphors;
reflections on the evolution of viewpoint transportation systems. ... 
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[HTML] Time-sharing System in Meetings: Centralized planning vs Free-market economy?

[HTML] von laetusinpraesens.orgA Judge - 1994 -
... a "civilized dialogue" that should be introduced in schools as well as decision/situation
The key moderators of the overall process were Heiner Benking and Farah
Lenser(see website). On this occasion the "rules" were ... 
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Design und Zeit

[PDF] von uni-wuppertal.deA Goppold - 1999 -
... Lotsenhilfe beim Betreten der dynamischen, wasserbasierten Denkwelt Venedigs, in der man
auch ohne festen Boden unter den Füßen das Tanzen lernen kann. Heiner Benking für die Hilfe
bei der Aufdeckung mancherlei unsichtbarer Spuren im A-Peiron. ... 
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[HTML] Transdisciplinarity-3 as the Emergence of Patterned Experience (Part II)

[HTML] von laetusinpraesens.orgA Judge - 1994 -
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[HTML] Patterns Essential to Individual and Global Health?

[HTML] von laetusinpraesens.orgA Judge - 2010 -
Explores dynamic patterning fundamental to cognition of health and illness. 
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[HTML] Catalyzation of New Patterns of Collaboration

[HTML] von laetusinpraesens.orgA Judge - 1992 -
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[PDF] Earth system governance

[PDF] von world-governance.orgF Biermann - Outline of a research programme, IOP …, 2009 -
... Conference in Melbourne in 1994 by a representative of the UN Environment Programme, Noel
J. Brown, in his presentation Agenda 21: Blueprint for Global Sustainability, New Opportunities
for Earth System Management (personal communication Heiner Benking, August 2005 ... 
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[PDF] Making the Transition from Documentation to Experience: The Eternal Egypt Project

[PDF] von psu.eduJ Tolva… - Archives & Museum Informatics, 2004 - Citeseer
... new, quite arbitrary scheme. In their paper “Interface for Cultural Heritage - Cultural Dimensions
of Interspaces,” Kim Veltman and Heiner Benking (1998) note interface design challenges inherent
in cultural heritage projects. Of particular relevance was their assertion ... 
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[HTML] Existential Embodiment of Externalities

[HTML] von laetusinpraesens.orgA Judge - 2009 -
Explores the ability of individuals and groups to reframe radically their cognitive
heritage -- engaging with it in more meaningful ways. 
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[HTML] Polyhedral Pattern Language: Software facilitation of emergence, representation and transformation of psycho-social organization

[HTML] von laetusinpraesens.orgA Judge - 2008 -
Commentary on application of polyhedral exploration software to psycho-social
organization and strategies, including possibility of extension to tensegrity.
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[BOOK] Understanding new media: augmented knowledge & culture

[PDF] von ucalgary.caKH Veltman - 2006 -
... A small sample of these include: Madhu Acharya (Kathmandu), Jan Amkreutz (Montana), Professor
Fréderic Andres (Tokyo), Professors Eugenio†,1 Giuseppina and Francesco Battisti, Professor
Benedetto Benedetti (Pisa), Heiner Benking (Berlin), Graham Bibby (now Paris ... 
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[PDF] Earth System Governance arth System Governance arth System Governance

[PDF] von ucsb.eduB Frank -
Conference in Melbourne in 1994 by a representative of the UN Environment Programme, Noel
J. Brown, in his presentation Agenda 21: Blueprint for Global Sustainability, New Opportunities
for Earth System Management (personal communication Heiner Benking, August 2005 ... 
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[HTML] From Information Highways to Songlines of the Noosphere: Global configuration of hypertext pathways as a prerequisite for meaningful collective …

[HTML] von laetusinpraesens.orgA Judge - 1996 -
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[HTML] Strategic correspondences: Computer-aided insight scaffolding

[HTML] von laetusinpraesens.orgA Judge - 1995 -
This paper advocates the use of centro-symmetric diagrams, controlled through
suitable graphics software, to hold and re-configure concept sets --whether
user initiated or supported by a library of such sets. 
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[HTML] Envisaging the art of navigating conceptual complexity: in search of software combining artistic and conceptual insights

[HTML] von laetusinpraesens.orgA Judge - 1995 -
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[PDF] Why Computers are Transforming the Meaning of Education

[PDF] von unimaas.nlKH Veltman - Proceedings of the World Conference on …, 1997 -
Page 1.
1 Kim H. Veltman Why Computers are Transforming the Meaning of Education
The original title of the lecture on which this paper is based was New Media in the
Post McLuhan Age: A System for Universal Media Searching. ... 
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[PDF] Interfaces for Cultural Heritage

[PDF] von psu.eduKH Veltman - Citeseer
Page 1.
1 Kim H. Veltman Interfaces for Cultural Heritage Tutorial: AVI (Advanced
Visual Interfaces) '98, Aquila, May 1998. This was then developed as: Frontiers in
Conceptual Navigation 2: Interfaces for Cultural Heritage and ... 
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[PDF] Modelling Legal Acts by Means of Expert Systems, ECA Rules and High-level Petri Nets

[PDF] von informatica.siB Bercic - Perception and Emotion Based Reasoning, 2003 -
... Rozman Niko Schlamberger Franc Solina, Stanko Strmčnik Tomaž Šef, Jurij Tasič Denis Trček,
Andrej Ule Tanja Urbančič David B. Vodušek Baldomir Zajc, Blaž Zupan Boštjan Vilfan Members
of international programme committeee Vladimir Bajic Heiner Benking Wray Buntine ... 
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[PDF] Three-dimensional information visualisation: The harmony information landscape

[PDF] von psu.eduP Wolf, P Informationsverarbeitung, K Andrews… - 1996 - Citeseer
According to Heiner Benking et al. BJ94], the following classes of spatial metaphors
can be distinguished: Geometric forms: cubes, spheres, etc. Arti cial forms :
townscapes, houses, rooms Natural forms: landscapes, trees, etc. ... 
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[HTML] Cognitive Implications of Lifestyle Diseases of Rich and Poor

[HTML] von laetusinpraesens.orgA Judge - 2010 -
Explores complementarity between lifestyle diseases and planetary crises.
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[] Earth system governance'as a crosscutting theme of global change research

[PDF] von glogov.orgF Biermann - Global Environmental Change, 2007 - Elsevier
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[PDF] Augmented books, knowledge and culture

[PDF] von unimaas.nlKH Veltman -
Page 1.
1 Kim H. Veltman Augmented Books, Knowledge and Culture INET'2000,
July 2000 ( Available in abbreviated form at the site of the ORF
1. Introduction 2. New Technologies ... 
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[PDF] Conceptual Navigation in Multimedia Knowledge Spaces

[PDF] von sumscorp.comKH Veltman -
Page 1.
1 Kim H. Veltman Conceptual Navigation in Multimedia Knowledge Spaces Opening
Keynote TKE -1999 Conference. Published in: TKE-1999, 5th International Congress and
Workshops on Terminology and Knowledge Engineering, Vienna: TermNet, 1999, pp. 1-27. ... 
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[PDF] Electrical Engineering Department and Bonnie J. Dorr Institute for Advanced Computer Studies and

[PDF] von psu.eduDW Oard - Citeseer
Page 1.
UMIACS-TR-96-19 CS-TR-3615 April, 1996 A Survey of Multilingual Text Retrieval
Douglas W. Oard Electrical Engineering Department and Bonnie J. Dorr Institute for
Advanced Computer Studies and Computer Science Department ... 
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[HTML] Polyhedral Empowerment of Networks through Symmetry: psycho-social implications for organization and global governance

[HTML] von laetusinpraesens.orgA Judge - 2008 -
Review of the range of polyhedral approaches to networks, their operation, and to their
significance for information organization in situations calling for higher orders of information
processing efficiency and robustness -- in terms of the insights they offer for new approaches ... 
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S Nurmi - Ecological Awareness: Exploring Religion, Ethics and …, 2010 -
NATURALISM Suvielise Nurmi INTRODUCTION The dichotomy between human
and nature is often cited by environmentalists as one of the main ... 
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[PDF] Learning and Communication with Old and New Media

[PDF] von sumscorp.comKH Veltman -
Page 1.
Kim H. Veltman Learning and Communication with Old and New Media UNESCO
Conference: Das Verbindende der Kulturen.
SEKTION:Integrales, lebendiges,
gemeinsames Lernen, Orientierungs- und Sinnfragen, Mehrsprachigkeit ... 
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[PDF] New Media and Transformations in Knowledge

[PDF] von psu.eduK Veltman - Heinz Nixdorf Museums Forum, 1999 - Citeseer
Page 1.
1 Kim H. Veltman New Media and Transformations in Knowledge Opening
keynote: “Metadata und die Transformation des Wissens,” Published as New Media
and Transformations in Knowledge I, II in: Euphorie Digital? ... 
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[PDF] Goals of Culture and Art

[PDF] von unimaas.nlKH Veltman - The Wall Chart of World History, Deacon and Co., …, 1988 -
Page 1. 1 Kim H. Veltman Goals of Culture and Art Lecture to the International Institute of
Communications, Kuala Lumpur, September 1999. Also on the site of the International Institute
of Communications, (
Published electronically in TRANS. ... 
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[PDF] Spatial Aspects of Metaphors for Information: Implications for Polycentric System Design

[PDF] von commoncoordinates.comPC Schroeder - 2003 -
... welcome
. I particularly want to thank the following individuals: Tom Aldrich, V. Raghurama
Ayyar, Bruce Badenoch, Seth Barker, Sharon Barker, Heiner Benking, Jim Bird, Paul
Boudreau, James Boxall, Andy Boyce, Sandra Braman, Chris Brehme, ... 
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