The Spectrum of meaning

example: „watching



There is much meaning between words and lines, but also inside words ! – depending on the context and agency.


I often use the example given by Herbert Stachowiak in HUMANKYBERNETIK - grkg 1985 explaining the meaning of the citation “Big Brother is watching you” as Broder Carstensen established by questioning the perceived meaning of 70 collegues in 1984 when trying to establish the original ORWELLian meaning for their own understanding.


At this time below I can only present the figure done to show the spectrum between “zero and full watching and the excplication by Stachowiak in German.

Individual” watching function graphically presented:

Is “watching you” – “guarding you” – “controlling you  a gradient? Graphs from A-B-C-D might provide insights into what a spectrum of meaning or fields of meaning could be and how to use them in the appropriate situational analysis.

(See also Concept and Context Mapping TKE 96 and '99 or even a “bigger Picture”, deep, spacial, embodied, tangible, relevant, contagious, ).