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contributions  "Benking"
Multimedia in Sciences and Technologies
Where Do We Go From Here?

MIST 2005
Berlin, Sept  2005

Using Maps and Models,
SuperSigns and SuperStructures

powerpoint slides: very long version

Impressions from Open-Forum Round-Tables exercising magic roundtables and typical scientific lectures in one symposium.

the DRAFT concept proposal for "other" conferencing methods

International Symposium on Generalization of Information
International Cartographic Association

ISGI  2005
Berlin, Sept  2005 

Granularity, Topicality, and Generalization of Information - Reflections about maps and models, orienting generalizations and their possible pragmatic and ethical implications and challenges

Powerpoints slides: http://benking.de/systems/codata/CODATA-ISGI2005_files/v3_document.htm
Data and Knowledge in a Changing Worlds
The Quest for a Healthier Environment

Chambery, France,1994

A Conceptual Superstructure of Knowledge - Quality and Content in Organisation, Management and Awareness
with W.D. Grossmann

MATERIALS and ENVIRONMENT Databases  and  Definition  Problems, Workshop  M and UNEP-HEM exhibition
with ICSU panel on

Beijing, China, 1992

Bridges and a Masterplan for Islands of Data in a Labyrinth of Environmental and Economic Information
with U. Kampffmeyer

efinitely such events need a more public impact. The contribtions around:  Earth, Cultures, Sciences, Systems, Media, Education, Planetary Consciousness,...  around ICSU and CODATA, UN, Summits before and after EARTH-SUMMIT, Rio 1992, Governance and Culture/Media/Systems and HDP/HDGC, have something hidden whcih connects them: The concern for broader issues and still looking for the details. Rare in our sciences today. I have colelcted in directories called Global-Change, Education, Culture,... some links hinting to the multi-dimensional, complex and transdisciplinarity or such endeavours.

CODATA: The author was very enthused after learning to know the earnesty, vision, and vigour of people like Ed Westrum, ICSU CODATA and Peter Thomson ICSU-ACE  and after working hard with Anthony Judge UIA for positive directions before and after Rio 1992, it seems time to show some connections between World Science Meetings, UN-ECOSOC, Club of Rome, Club of Budapest and UNESCO events, specially in the time between 1992 and 2000, and outline action areas on the interantional or better integral "level".

Please go to a similar format where we link "international events" around a possible "Human Information Society", "Human Dimensions", and issues around "culture navigation", education, and ethics planetary consciousness, events the teh autor was involved and concerned with in the 90ies.
please visit a collection of further events under preparation which comprises issues around: international, integral, humane, systems/undestanding/cognition/communication/
As this might take some more time in autumn 2005, I propose to visit these collections:
Cultures  -  Systems -  Global Change - Education Systems-Enclopedia