Impressions from the  ICSU –CODATA  ISGI  2005 symposium in Berlin

A symposium and a OPEN FORUM  -  OPEN SPACE…


“Lectures”  as normal….


Before and after OPEN_FORUM dialogues which helped to know the participants and concerns or objectives (before the session)

And after the event sum up and establish recommendations and future objectives/activities.


Before: TIME CREDIT  introduction round:

See “re-inventing democracy” for more..  and the homepage of the Moderator Farah Lenser.



And after the symposium:



Alternatives for Marrying Lectures, Sessions, and Tracks with an Open Format Dialog Culture


for COMBINING sessions, posters like in scientific, cultural, or political symposia with open format self-organizing principles to ease the exchange between participants, give all stakeholders and “lurkers” possibly a voice and meet the objectives of Organization which want to organize SYMPOSIA about a certain topic, with clearly visible invited experts – and giving voice to participants and people in the field which want to include their concerns and pragmatic stance.