The International Encyclopedia of Systems and Cybernetics

is highly recommended.

Please see announcements for the 2 volumes 2nd edition

and the future Media WIKI design in the IFSR Newsletter from October 2004. (WIKI BLOG project seems to be "dead" as I learned 1/2009)

Please see the Adademic Commitee also as PDF

a good description of the original design of the ENCYCLOPEDIA can be found here.

please see here my entries in the enncyclopedia:

Heiner Benking's work in the Encyclopedia. 

Pls. see also the BBK lecture in the SAUR Library by Charles Francois and Heiner Benking at the Saur Library at Humboldt University,

some powerpoints from the presentation

and the pondering and invitations about a possible Futures for Encyclopedias & Atlases and Ethics and Pragmatics.
and Charles Francois lecture:
PART III: Systemics as a general integrated language of concepts and models a very important contribution about systems and global change, variability, tipping points,....