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Turning Point 2000 Newsletter
Edition of September 1997
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The FULL VERSION features names you know, such as: Tony Judge,  Willis Harman, Sohail Inayatullah, Walter Kistler, Hazel Henderson, Ernst von Weizsacker, Amory Lovins andHunter Lovins, Nicholas Albery, Kjell Dahle, E.-F. Schumacher, ...

Below you find TURNING POINT featuring our "information society" and "robust paths" initiatives to see "bigger pictures", papers later finding its way to many places... Pls. see my synopsis and get further links here.

I hope I can encourage you to visit the "Commons" regularily and help us towards reaching a TURNING POINT 3000.     Best  Heiner Benking

TURNING POINT 2000 is about shifting to a new path of progress, enabling for people and conserving for the Earth. For more than twenty years these twice-yearly newsletters have been suggesting links and synergies between different aspects of this transformation, and encouraging readers to contact each other.


We are now in touch with European work on "the information society". Robert Pestel (Advanced Communications Technologies and Services, DG XIII, European Commission - see p4; e-mail: has sent us LIVING AND WORKING IN THE INFORMATION SOCIETY: PEOPLE FIRST (Bulletin of the European Union, Supplement 3/96); NETWORKS FOR PEOPLE AND THEIR COMMUNITIES (1996 Annual Report to the European Commission from the Information Society Forum - ISF); and BUILDING THE EUROPEAN INFORMATION SOCIETY FOR US ALL (January 1996 Report from the High Level Expert Group to the European Commissioner for Employment and Social Affairs). Thanks also to Prof Dr Dr F.J. Radermacher (FAW - Research Institute for Applied Knowledge Processing, Postfach 20 60, D-89010 Ulm, Germany; e-mail:, chairman of the Information Society and Sustainability Work Group of ISF, for CONTRIBUTIONS OF THE INFORMATION SOCIETY TO SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT; THE FUTURE OF LABOR; and ONE WORLD - ONE FUTURE: SUSTAINABILITY IS NO LONGER DIVISIBLE. And to H. Benking also of FAW (e-mail: for PATHS TO GLOBAL STABILITY: TOUGH BUT FEASIBLE.

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