This Viewsletter mentioned is featuring Gorbachev is only one out of a series of Viewsletters over the years:

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and see this version with Yehudi Menuhin and SEEDS of Change (already OCRed). Earlier versions on Club of Budapest website need to be also restored.


This Viewsletter is only one example of a series of documentations of events since 1992 under the Name of DaziBao, Viewsletter, Future Viewsletter, Open-Space report, …

Some documentation like the Peace University Summerschool were documentations of Participation messaging over 4 weeks with lots of volunteers – see the reports, some 4, maybe 8, a few 16 pages of voices of change – we call participants messages or input for more and in-debthe deliberations in order to overcome if it is the only one, the old monologue model of frontal indoctrination or “teaching”/lecturing.

  And this link: or other events over the years:


Turku 1993  Vienna 1997


As we did over the years a lot of experiments with Open Spaces, Participants Messaging DaZiBao and Viewsletter and the files are available still in archives, it might make much sense to review and evaluate the outcomes of exercises for 20+years. See: “Voices  of such events and side-events.